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(HF post) 11-27-2014 Two faced props/masks? ("2015 Bride preview" link here)

(HF post) 11-12-2014 The Scariest thing I saw this Halloween. ("Always Look Both Ways" link here)

(HF post) 11-11-2014 Devil Can redux. ("Devil Can" prop page link here)

(HF post) 11-08-2014 Russell 2014 Prop Videos. ("2014 Prop Videos" page link here)

(HF post) 01-20-2014 Prop Triggers. ("Russell's Halloween Controls" Work In Progress page link here)

(HF post) 11-14-2013 How to Get Free Candy at Russell's Place. ("2013 Prop Videos" page link here)


On or about March 30, 2015 I reorganized my Halloween Web Site.
Latter it occurred to me that this broke some links previously posted on the Halloween Forum and depression set in.
After a dose of home made Prosaic (1 part chocolate cake to an equal part of ice cream),
I created this page as a cross reference to the original HF post and the new related web site page
until I figure out what to do about the broken links.