Russell's 2019 Halloween (16th year)

2019 Videos:

2019 Walkabout (video here)

The Band (video here)

2019 scare videos coming soon

Remember. It's all about making the kids happy! (video here)

2019 Preparations:

2019 Project list (here).

2019 Set Up list (work in progess) (here).

All Halloween Stuff (here).

2019 New Props:

New Prop - The Band. (here)

New Prop - Bert's Power Curtains. (here)

Rain and cold days before but blue sky the day of.

Ready for storage.

The sign says, "Spooky Bird Feeder"

No wind or rain this Halloween. Haven't used the Crank Ghost for years.

No rain so this was the first time the Hang Man got outside since it was built.

2019 Set Up Task 1 9-14-2019: Back into the lamp post - complete

2019 Set Up Task 2 19-14-2019: Fetch backup lamp post from the attic - complete

A Nun.

More Nuns.

Not a Nun.

Tree Arms.

New chimney Light fixture.

High Winds 10-20. Bye Bye flags!

Red Paint

Emergency Oxygen Test 20191107