Halloween Props

Halloween DEVIL CAN 1.2 born 2010 reborn 2013 repaired 2016

Devil Can Demo Video clip (876 KB)

The can bounces up and down to attract attention.

The devil pops up and the eyes and the inside of the can light up red.

Compressed air can spray out the front of the can in case of curious victims.

Extremely loud Air Horn discourages lurkers and/or makes small trick-or-treaters drop their loot (a handy source of candy resupply).

2016 Devil Can Repair.

The Air Horn is so loud it ruins the videos so it must be used in moderation. Some prop operators in the past have abused the air horn so a switch was added to disable the horn (if needed) and named after a particularly egregious offender.

2021 Devil is a melted mess in the bottom of the can.

2021 Devil repairs - Gorilla Glue and water.

2021 Devil repairs - paint.

2021 Devil repairs - all better